Rochelle and Lynn aimed to complete the gruelling 2,935 mile journey from the Spanish Island in under 75 days, arriving triumphantly on the Caribbean island of Antigua early in February 2008. With only each other for company, the pair expected to experience extremes of blistering heat, stark conditions and 30 foot waves, to dodge large tankers and meet a variety of wildlife, not guaranteed to be friendly!

Fundraising Total: £60,264

Friends for over 12 years, Rochelle and Lynn wanted to do something for Charity for a number of years.

Message of Support

From our days together racing for the GB Dragon Boat Team I know that you two have got what it takes to complete this challenge. The highs and lows are massive but the strength of your friendship will get you through those. You will see beauty out there that will take your breath away. Enjoy those moments to the full because you will need them to carry you through the hard days. Nothing yet in my life has come close to that landfall moment on the other side of the pond. It will be the best thing and the worst thing you will ever do! Godspeed